Skin Secure Oil

Skin Secure Oil
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Merkaché haAretz Skin Secure is a special formula of three natural cold pressed desert plant oils and one distilled desert essential oil. It is designed to protect the skin from radiation damage of all types.

Skin Secure is not a sun screen, but works to protect the skin from permanent DNA damage, destroying free radicals and other radiation induced reactions that may lead to skin cancer and permanent skin damage. Skin Secure may promote quick healing and restoration of the skin.

Merkaché haAretz Skin Secure may be used for protection from radiation damage from the sun, but it is not a sun block and will not prevent sunburn. It will only reduce the damage and pain associated with sunburn and reduce or limit permanent damage to the skin caused by overexposure to the sun. Perhaps the most important use of Skin Secure, however, is as a key component for protection from various radiation disaster scenarios.

The ingredients for Skin Secure are sourced from the desert where plants must protect themselves from radiation in order to survive. Three of the ingredients are shown to protect from various forms of radiation, including gamma radiation, in vitro and in vivo (i.e. in the lab and in small animals [we did not conduct these lab test!]): human testing has not yet been conducted.

Most radiation protection today focuses on limiting exposure to the radiation source. Merkaché haAretz Skin Secure formula has been designed to provide healing and protection after having been exposed. (The efficacy of this protection has not been clinically proven on humans.)

Two of the plants from which our oil is extracted are extremely rare desert plants. There is very limited availability of these plants, thus the high cost. One final desert oil is added to help the skin absorb the other radiation protecting oils deep into the skin tissue.

Merkaché haAretz Skin Secure is for external application only. We offer Milk Thistle Oil and Black Cumin Oil that can be taken internally for radiation protection.

We recommend rubbing Skin Secure on your skin prior to sun exposure and prior to using a sun screen if you are using Skin Secure for this purpose. When radiation exposure is likely, rub Skin Secure daily over your entire body prior to radiation exposure. This includes the scalp, bottom of your feet, throat, and the male scrotum (this one might tingle a bit on application, but it will not harm you). As with any external skin application, discontinue use if a rash develops. Key ingredients in this formula are used in most anti-aging and rejuvenating creams. The ingredients are generally recognized as safe (GRAS) to use and reactions are not common.

See Research Articles from the National Center for Biotechnology Information showing the effectiveness of the ingredients in Skin Secure Oil in protecting and healing the skin from radiation damage.

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