Milk Thistle Seed Oil

Milk Thistle Seed Oil
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Merkaché haAretez Milk Thistle Seed Oil is pure pharmaceutical grade cold pressed oil from the desert.

Milk Thistle Seed Oil has historically been used for liver detoxification and restoration. It also can been used to protect the skin from radiation damage and promote healing. Because of this, milk thistle has been an important ingredient in anti-aging and revitalizing creams.

Milk Thistle Seed Oil naturally helps the liver break down man-made chemicals and natural toxins that may damage the body or cause various adverse chemical sensitivities. It also has been used to protect the liver from damage caused by consumption of alcohol.

While it is NOT a sun or radiation blocker, milk thistle has been known to reduce radiation (including sun and gamma radiation) damage to the skin and body including some skin cancers. Desert varieties of milk thistle naturally have more radiation protection than oil from other climates. Desert Milk Thistle plants are extremely rare. For this use, it works best if taken internally and externally prior to exposure to radiation.

Merkaché haAretz Milk Thistle Seed Oil is an excellent dual-purpose oil. Not only does it provide significant health benefits, it is also an excellent oil to have on hand for protection from various chemical and radiation disaster scenarios.

Suggested use is 1-2 teaspoons daily for internal use. Though you may apply Merkaché haAretz Milk Thistle Seed Oil to your skin, we recommend Merkaché haAretz Skin Secure formula for external application to protect from radiation exposure.


See Research Articles from the National Center for Biotechnology Information showing the effectiveness of Milk Thistle Oil in protecting and healing the skin from radiation damage.

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