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3/18 - LifeGrains was on The Jazzy Vegetarian - With Laura Theodore - Listen to the interview


The Lord's Bread - A traditional bread based on Ezekiel 16:19.

Bread Machine Bread - Excellent whole grain bread from your bread machine.

Sprouty's Multi-Grain Pancakes - Be creative with this flexible but delicious appraoch to pancakes.

Tips and Ideas

Flaking Oats with your Campo - Some ideas of how to use your Campo flaker.



Here are some helpful resources to better understand whole grain nutrition.

Whole Grain Nutrition - Why whole grains are a superior form of nutrition.

Nutrition Loss Tables - There is a significant difference between processed and unprocessed grains. See the difference for yourself:    Wheat Table     Oats Table



Research Articles from the National Center for Biotechnology Information showing the effectiveness of the ingredients in our Oil and Tea products


Blendtec Blenders

At Sprouty's kitchen, we use our own world-class Schnitzer Grain Mills. We also endorse and use Blendtec Blenders. Check out their website:

Blendtec Blenders