Statement Of Faith

At Lifegrains, we believe YHWH (God), created the world and all that it contains. As it says in Genesis, "YHWH saw everything that He had made, and, behold, it was very good." Sadly, ever since the first man and woman used the free will given to them, they chose not to heed the instruction YHWH imparted, but rather elected to go their own way. Since Adam and Eve made that choice the world has been a fallen and broken place.

It is clear humanity has struggled with its relationship to YHWH from the beginning.YHWH promised to send One who would pay the penalty for our failure and provide a path to reconciliation with the Almighty Father: YHWH. YHWH chose a people, the Israelites, to be the race and lineage from which this One would come. He is an amazing conduit for instruction and direction on how to live in the world with one another, and be in relationship with Him. YHWH provided this people with His written Word and issued a mandate to be a light to other nations. These people only succeeded sometimes and very often failed. Their failure revealed the frailty of mankind, not YHWH's shortcomings.

At the appointed time, YHWH sent forth from the tribes of Israel His Son, Yahushua Ha Mashiach (Jesus Christ) to die in the ultimate sacrifice, removing the barriers of sin that separates/separated us, providing us an incredibly powerful path of reconciliation in our relationship with the Father, YHWH: to accept our relationship with Him and not reject Him.

Today, this invitation to know Him, to live for Him and to spend eternity with Him is available to anyone who is willing to commit themselves and acknowledge their need for this reconciliation; who desires to live according to His instruction and direction; and who wants to be adopted into His lineage of people whose mandate it is to show the world that He is the One True God.

We confess and admit publically we are not perfect by a long shot. However, we at Lifegrains, know we are saved by undeserved grace, humbly strive to live our lives in all areas (private, public, and business) to be consistent and harmonious with the principles YHWH has given through His word and through His Spirit. We heartily encourage, exhort, and invite you to do the same: accept Yahushua Ha Mashiach (Jesus Christ) as your Master and Saviour and know the joy and peace that comes along with this relationship with the Father and with the Son.

It's really very simple: To do so is what we were created to do in the first place.