ProForce Emergency Bag
ProForce Emergency Bag
Product Code: pfoEmBag

The Pro Force Emergency Bag is a major step up from the standard mylar blanket. It uses the same reflective concept, however it is in a full bag. This allows you to actually climb into it which is much warmer and provides a lot more protection from the elements. The olive outer color also makes it more discreet.

One thing to note in this kind of bag is that it traps your body moisture, so there will be a fair amount of condensation inside after a while. The use of a liner, sheet or blanket would be a great benefit. It would also make a good outer protection bag for a sleeping bag.

This bag is probably good for numerous re-uses. 36"x84". (There is no hood on the bag, the man in the picture is wearing a hood)
Price: US$8.00

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