DMT Sharpening Kits
DMT Sharpening Kits
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Both of these kits use the same DMT diamond sharpening surfaces. These surfaces sharpen very smoothly and do the job extremely well. An added benefit is they do not use honing oil. (Who wants to worry about honing oil in a crisis?) Both kits use the same guide clamp to keep the knife level for a consistent angle. Otherwise, here are the highlights:

M-Guide - This uses DMT's DiaFold foldable, two sided stone (fine and extra-fine). The guide rod is held in place by a magnetic clamp. This is a very versatile system because the DiaFold can be used freehand, or for more exact sharpening, with the guide. This would be great for in the field if you wanted a flexible, yet precise system. $35

The Aligner - The Aligner includes three stones (coarse, fine, extra fine), an interchangeable stone holder, and a serrated blade sharpener. The stones in this kit can also be used freehand, but it would be tricker than with the Diafold above. However, this kit is great for everything from roughing in a new edge to fine precision sharpening work. $45
Price: US$35.00

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