Brunton Solarflat
Brunton Solarflat
Product Code: bruSolarflat

The Solarflat is a 12.5" x 12.5" solar panel that provides 5W output at 12v. It comes with connectors for 12v female car adapter, bare wires, and a test LED. This is good for charging cell phones, cameras, or a rechargable lantern. It will also trickle charge automotive type batteries.

In full, bright sunlight, it charges about as fast as a wall charger. If it is overcast, it will probably take at least twice as long. It will not operate 12v items with motors, or even significant electronics equipment.

However, if you had two or three items each day you needed charged, this would do nicely. Note: The frame color is orange, not grey as pictured.
Price: US$54.00

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