Outback Water Filter Bottle
Outback Water Filter Bottle
Product Code: bobOutback

The Outback water filter by Bota of Boulder is a 32 oz Nalgene bottle with a disposable filter (the one on the left). It meets or exceeds EPA standards and removes 99.9% Giardia Lamblia and Cryptosporidium cysts. It produces very clear water and without any odor or taste. The replaceable filter is good for about 25 gallons of water. For virus protection, you would still need a purifier such as iodine. Since iodine is often measured per quart of water, the Outback's 32oz size makes it easy measure.

The outback is a great solution for short-term uses like disaster emergencies, extended hikes, scouting trips, or camping. With a replacement filter, it would provide a person with 1/2 gallon of water per day for almost a month.
Price: US$18.00

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