Grain Mills by Schnitzer

While numerous other mills are readily available on the market, we are the sole authorized U.S. supplier of Schnitzer mills. Schnitzer was the pioneer in developing stone mills for home use, and they still provide the best quality for your money. They are also one of the few companies to provide a hand-cranked flaker or a hand-cranked stone mill. (For the difference, see milling and flaking)

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Schnitzer Campo Flaker
The Schnitzer Campo Flaker is an easy to use hand powered flaker that makes wonderful rolled oats. It can also be used with other grains and seeds. (full description...)
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Schnitzer Country Mill
The Schnitzer Country Mill is one of the finest hand-crank mills on the market. A true stone mill. Heavy duty and high capacity.

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Product Code: sch-country
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Schnitzer Pico Grain Mill
The Schnitzer Pico Grain Mill is a wonderful stone mill with a solid wood cabinet. This easy to use and maintain mill is very quiet and produces anything from a fine flour to just barely cracking the whole grain. (full description...)
Product Code: sch-pico
US$435.00 Order

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Some of the Schnitzer distinctives:


This can first be seen in the fine craftsmanship of the cabinet. Schnitzer mills have beautiful natural beech or lime wood cabinets that are solid wood. There are more expensive units that use veneer rather than solid wood. Solid wood means that the unit will last longer. You can also see the quality in the choice of the milling mechanism. The mill is composed of real stone in a composite that provides a self sharpening, self cleaning stone mill that will last for decades. With plastic mills the plastic can wear out and parts can break.


The first aspect of value is that the Schnitzer mills are built to last. They are well constructed, have a 2-year guarantee, and are basically problem free. The combination of quality and affordability make Schnitzer an excellent choice.

Ease of Use.

The Schnitzer mills are self cleaning and require little maintenance. The plastic mills usually mill the flour into a plastic storage container that is a part of the mill. These storage containers require constant maintenance and cleaning. The metal burr mills are often extremely loud to operate and require plastic sponge filters to keep the flour from spreading all over your kitchen. These filters require constant maintenance. The Schnitzer mill grinds the flour gently into whatever container you use for your cooking.

Low Heat and Noise.

The slower the rotation of the mill, the less heat generated. The more heat, the more nutritional loss through the milling process. Most metal burr mills are so loud that you almost need ear plugs to prevent damage to your hearing.