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At Sprouty's Retreat, we know that many people want to be able to "get away from it all", whether it is in terms of removing yourself from the hustle and bustle of life, or whether it just means relying more on yourself and less on over-marketed conveniences. Simpler. Maybe not easier. Maybe not quicker. But less pre-packaged, professionally provided, and presented on a plastic platter.

You like the challenge of doing things yourself, of pitting yourself against the elements, and being ready for whatever life may throw at you. And while this sounds great in theory, the reality is that too few of us have the time to really do this at the level we would like. At Sprouty's Retreat, we have done our best to provide fewer offerings, not more offerings. We have done the shopping and research for you. Consider each item our personal recommendation on a good solution for each need. It may not be the trendiest, the most high-end or perfect solution. But we strive for each thing we offer to be an excellent value for the money, something that works (we have used everything we sell). We are proud to offer items that will successfully and reliably accomodate your desire to "get away" without you having to spend hours shopping, comparing and evaluating.

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Adventure Medical Kits First Aid 2.0
A good basic medical and First Aid kit. (full description...)
Product Code: amkKit20
US$18.00 Order
Military Medic Bag
125 items in a 3-tier medical bag. (full description...)
Product Code: efaMedic
US$45.00 Order
Moleskin assortment pack for foot care. (full description...)
Product Code: milMoleSkin
US$5.00 Order

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