Sprouty's Recipes

Sprouty's Multigrain Pancakes

This will make 4-6 medium sized cakes.

1 Cup Flour
Sprouty likes variety and creativity.  You can mix and match any of these four grains, as long as the total resulting flour equals one cup.

Purple hull-less barley - this is a hard grain and may require two passes in your mill to get it very fine.
Whole wheat - ground as finely as possible
Corn - also ground as finely as possible
Oats - If you are flaking them, one pass will give your pancakes texture, two passes will make the oats really flat and crumbly, and will add oat flavor without the texture of the oats.

The following are approximate.  You can adjust to taste, and based on the grains you selected.

1/2 - 3/4 tsp each
- Baking soda
- Baking powder
- Salt (try not to use iodized bleached white.)

Mix these dry ingredients together. (Also, Sprouty adds cinnamon and cardamom  to the dry flour mixture. shhhhhhhhhh! This is a deep secret!!!)

2 eggs  (separate yolk from the whites.)
1/2 cup milk

Combine egg yolk with milk and mix, then pour into flour mixture.

Allow to sit for a bit . After about 3-5 mins the flour will behave more like a batter as it begins to absorb the liquid. (Sprouty thinks it could sit as much as an hour as long as you are checking every so often on texture. )

Adjust batter with additional liquid according the texture of your desired pancake outcome.

You can also add some fresh squeezed lemon juice (you could use also use lime or vinegar (organic apple cider variety preferred.) The acid activated the powder/salt combination and creates loft for your cakes and makes the barley flour cook better.

While you are letting your mixture to sit, beat whites to stiff peaks.

Fold in your whites and fry up.